The Parish Council (PC) have proposed a new building to house Football Changing, a bookable Community Area and a Bowls Clubhouse. Although we have been looking forward to this for many years the proposed building falls well short of what we would like. We have had meeting with the PC and discussed in Committee. The Committee has varied views and therefore is not recommending acceptance/rejection of the plans, this will be voted on at the AGM. Below are some points to consider deciding how to vote.

The area defined for our sole use is 34% smaller then the current clubhouse.
Access to the kitchen is only via the Community Area, we would have to lock away all our equipment and materials in the kitchen.
We would only have access to the Community Area if we reserve it in advance.
Wall space in the Bowls Area is insufficient for noticeboards, trophy cabinets and Rolls of Honour.

We would have a brand n
ew facility.
The patio area would be much larger allowing for more outside use.
They will provide a sink for the bar.
When we use the Community Area we have much more space than now.
New furniture would be provided making it easier to pack away and bring out.

 of the facility would be a joint committee of the Bowls, Football and Tennis Clubs.
By reservation of the Community Area the Bowls Club will be able to use it throughout the season.
Utility Bills will be for the whole building and need joint agreement on how they will be split between the clubs.
The booking procedure has not been agreed or who will manage it .
Responsibilities for cleaning, security etc have yet to be discussed.

The PC have to begin work very soon (first quarter 2022) or they will lose funding. As a result there can be no changes to the proposals other than minor work to facilitate our bar. If we reject the proposals it is unclear of the implications other then we have to rebuild/repair the current clubhouse. If we do this it may force the PC into a new planning application which would put the whole project at risk,
If we accept we are the restricted by our space and the need to share a significant amount of space with others. we also have no guarantee of what happens in the future. Despite reassurances from the PC that we would be protected their track record on promises is not good. 
It is clear that without the use of the Community Area our club is not viable and would need to close.
There are many other questions/issues not yet identified or addressed but we will obviously follow these in the coming months.